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Mr. Lamb founded Lamont Financial Services Corporation in 1987. He is the lead advisor for most of the Firm’s East-coast operations and directs the Firm’s daily activities and supervises work efforts under its various contracts. Mr. Lamb’s expertise lies in developing new financial strategies for clients by reconciling a variety of competing program, financial and administrative policy goals.  


Mr. Lamb has substantial governmental and advisory experience with budget, finance and treasury officials at all levels of government. He has worked with states, state agencies, municipalities and Native American Indian Tribes to orchestrate taxable and tax exempt public and private offerings within a wide spectrum of ratings, credits, structures and applications. He has also represented state policy makers in discussions with respect to state and federal legislative initiatives, negotiating provisions that will be beneficial to his clients.

Mr. Lamb has been involved in tax backed and revenue bond financings totaling over $158 billion since 1983, largely for water/sewer and transportation infrastructure projects, general governmental operations, state revolving funds, energy programs and economic development projects. Mr. Lamb was among the first investment bankers to become interested in the area of State Revolving Funds (“SRF”) and has been directly involved in the issuance of over $17 billion of revenue bonds for SRF programs in the United States. He has assisted in the development of revenue bond programs in the states of Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, Missouri, New York, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.


Mr. Lamb has been active in the energy efficiency financing since 2002.  Mr. Lamb lead a team of professionals in developing a statewide aggregation model for energy efficiency and renewable energy programs and completed the first capital markets financing for the pool using an innovative credit enhancement through a state revolving fund program.


Prior to founding Lamont, Mr. Lamb was a Principal of the firm of L.F. Rothschild & Company, responsible for all infrastructure financings.  In that role, he served as senior banker and senior managing underwriter on approximately $1.5 billion in tax-exempt financings, most of which were for wastewater treatment and transportation projects. Earlier in his career, Mr. Lamb worked for NYS government, first at Department of Transportation and then in the Executive Chamber as the Transportation Program Associate in the early 1980’s.


Mr. Lamb is licensed as a Series 50 Municipal Advisor Representative and Series 54 Municipal Advisor Principal and   served on the Board of Directors of the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board from 2010 - 2013. Mr. Lamb holds a BA and a MA from the State University of New York-Albany.

Robert Lamb - Partner/ President